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PaperCut Features:

Site Server

*Full feature description go to PaperCut Tour

Site Server – What it is?

Site Server is a key component of PaperCut's multi-server architecture.

Deployment with Site Server.


  • High availability of print and copy resources
  • Seamless failover during an outage, transparent reconnection once resolved
  • Easy installation into any multi-server environment and easy to retrofit to existing sites
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Can be installed on an existing Print Server/PaperCut Print Provider at a site
  • Support to all PaperCut MFD solutions
  • Site Server requires the purchase of an additional license
  • Supports all databases and Operating Systems that are supported by PaperCut


  • Site Server gives peace of mind to the customer by making sure that printing resources are available during unexpected network outages
  • Installs in minutes with minimal configuration
  • Site Server replicates the PaperCut Primary Server database to a local site
  • Can be installed on an existing Print Server/PaperCut Print Provider at a site
  • Transparent failover and seamless reconnect
  • Maintains critical services of MFD access and printing during an outage
    • MFD Logon
    • Copy, Fax, Scan availability
    • Printing including Find-Me and Secure Print Release
  • CPADs will also be functional during a site outage
  • Transactions are recorded and then reconciled after the network is restored
  • Last known balances are available
  • Can be used with all MFDs supported by PaperCut

Site Server - No more Multi-Site Problem

  • On any network segment where there are concerns about the link reliability between that segment and the Application Server
  • Where an outage to a segment would impact business (i.e. within the same physical location but for a given building)
  • Wherever you want to provide high availability

Site Server - Solution for Multi-Site

  • Hardware requirements for Site Server are the same as the Primary Application Server
  • If using an external database for a Site Server, the database server should be on a server located within the same site
  • Site Server syncs with the Application Server every 2 minutes
  • In an existing installation, you must upgrade the Application Server to PaperCut Version 15 in order to add a Site Server
  • Firewalls must be configured to allow communication from the Site Server to the Application server across the WAN connection
  • Where should you put Site Server?

Tutorial to install and configure a PaperCut Site Server

Site Server – Offline Policies

Normal Operation
(no Site Server)
(with Site Server)
MFD login
Hardware terminals (Cpad, Alpha, VCC...)
Secure Print
Find-Me Print
User Balances
Filters and conversions
Release Stations
Shared Accounts at the MFD
Payment Gateways, Kiosks
Mobile Print (Web, GCP, iOS, Email...)
Desktop Client / Account Selection

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