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PaperCut Features:

iPad Printing

PaperCut's iPad Printing enables printing to all your PaperCut managed printers across your enterprise network. As well as enabling printing, the PaperCut iPad App also provides the rich functionality desktop users are familiar to, such as, authentication, balance display and selecting / charging to Department or Share accounts when printing.

Organization's Requirements for supporting PaperCut's iPad Printing:

How it works

  1. Print from your iPad to one of your organization's printers

  2. Close your app, touch the Printing icon

  3. The first time a user opens the Printing app (on a non-shared device) they are asked to authenticate.

  4. Your job prints, and PaperCut shows your job's status

Simple! PaperCut builds on the inbuilt printing support in iOS to track and/or charge the user who printed, enabling iPad printing in education without resulting in a free-for-all!

PaperCut's iPad Print support works by providing two key parts:

For more information including technical details and system requirements see the user manual section on PaperCut & iPad/iOS Printing.

Additional Features

Note: PaperCut does not require an "AirPrint enabled printer". AirPrint is a technology built into printers to support direct printing. PaperCut works by intercepting jobs as they pass via your organization's central print queue. For PaperCut's iPad printing, the print queue technology used is simply CUPS - the print queue system installed by default with Mac OS X.

Other Devices

We are watching developments on other platforms like Android carefully, and hope to release a similar solution for them in the future.

For netbooks, laptops and other wireless devices, try Wireless Web Print, PaperCut's driverless wireless printing solution.