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PaperCut Features:

Guest Account Registration

*Full feature description go to PaperCut Tour

The PaperCut Internal User’s option provides the flexibility to manage non-domain users in Papercut, for example a lot of educational institutions are required to allow visitors to use the institution’s computers. In Papercut these users are considered and managed as internal/guest users separately from domain users. Internal users are best described as user accounts that only exist inside PaperCut and are independent of the domain, network or operating system.

Institutions that currently use Account Value Added Cards for Guests in systems such as BLACKBOARD and CBORD integrate these set of accounts directly to the Internal User Group in PaperCut via a File Import method providing a Guest READY Account. Once a guest purchase a Card this may already contain Username and Password in the PaperCut System or the institution may prefer following a Card Registration Process at the Release Station.

ecoprintQ has help institutions understanding which configuration may suite better their environment, as well as, deploying the most efficient Guest Account registration for the areas open to the public.

We strongly recommend keeping the Guest Account Process non-hardware dependent as Card Dispensers or other mechanical systems to provide cards may fail affecting the reliability of your system.

Different use case scenarios for using the internal user group in Papercut:

How Guests create a Print-Copy Account

Option 1:
Account Registration via the PaperCut Web Interface.

Option 2:
Card Registration via the Print Release Station.

Description of Option 1:
Guest Registration via the PaperCut User Web Interface. In this options guest users can enter all necessary information via the PaperCut Web Interface or a Desktop Registration Link including a Full name, username of choice, email and an ID Number. Note: A receipt is sent to the guest user with their account details once account is created

At the workstation main screen, guest users wanting to create/register a new print account must click on the "Details…" link that appears in the account balance window for the printing system application. Note: A shortcut may also be available to take guest users to the registration page.

Balance window at the workstation

Guests then clicks on the link "Register a Guest Print Acct, Non College Affiliate" and follow the instructions to create a new/permanent print account. Note: This is a ONE TIME only account registration for printing, Guests use this account every time they come back to use the printing system.

Guest Print account creation screen

Guest users receive a receipt via e-mail to the email entered during the registration process.

Guest Print account creation receipt

Description of Option 2:
Card Registration via the Print Release Station (i.e. using a Club Card or Metro Card with appropriate swipe technology)

In this options guest users MUST register a CARD with the printing system at any Release Station, after the Card Number is approved the system assigns a Guest Username and provides a field for the guests to enter a numeric password.

Pop up after the user is granted access to create/register a new Print Account. There are settings in PaperCut to filter the type of Card to be accepted by the institution. I.e. only accept cards that start with XXXX

When the user clicks "Yes" he/she is required to enter a PIN/password

Once the required information is entered by the user, the system generates a unique User Name with the previously decided prefix by the administrators. i.e. Prefix=guest

Note: After account creation, guest users have the same set of features as a regular domain user; registered guests may recharge their account balance using a credit card via the Credit Card Recharge option (if available) or via Cash Credit Recharge using any combination of cash at a pay-station enabled device (if available).