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PaperCut Features:

Environmental Reports for users

Reports via the User Web Interface

The user web interface provides a real time report on the impact users have had on the environment from their printing

Summary page - balance, balance history, environmental impact

PaperCut Widget/ See more below

Mobile User Reports

When the user web interface is accessed from a mobile browser, such as Mobile Safari from an iPhone, a lightweight interface is presented. This interface has been optimized for viewing on mobile devices and provides access to common tasks.

Windows Vista

Mobile Summary page - print balance and environmental impact

Save paper & money the fun way!

PaperCut has teamed up with Do Something, the non-profit organization behind the Paper-Less Alliance, to develop this innovative desktop widget. The widget, developed in Adobe Air and available for Windows, Mac and Linux, works by presenting data from the PaperCut server in a fun an interesting way. It helps organizations reduce their paper use by empowering employees/students/users with the following:

The Paper-Less Alliance Desktop Widget is an initiative developed to support the non-profit organization Do Something. Organizations using the widget are asked to make a donation of just $0.99 per Corporate User or $0.20 for Educational Institutions with all proceeds going through to this non-profit to support their paper saving initiatives in business and the community.