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PaperCut Features:

Admin Web Interface

*Full feature description go to PaperCut Tour

Papercut is a web administered application. The PaperCut web design make cross-platform support easy, and the web based nature removes the need to install additional software to manage the application (user-Printers-Devices-Reports)

Staff members may access the PaperCut Admin Module via their web browser http://papercut:9191/admin or https://papercut:9192/admin (SSL); also a shortcut may be created in the desktop for easy access, then entering their Domain Account.

ecoprintQ recommends creating PaperCut Admin level Access Groups in AD for large organizations where different admin users can be added depending on their access rights.

Sample of PaperCut Admin Access Levels:

PaperCut Admin Interface Main Benefits

PaperCut comes "out of the box" with a web based interface for administration. There is no need to configure your own web server however, because PaperCut includes its own. Modern web designs techniques such as tabs, effects and transitions even make PaperCut's web interface feel like a traditional desktop application.