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PRS BC-9500

The PRS BC-9500 is today's most comprehensive, compact and versatile station available for the Public Library Market. It is an all in one station where users can decide the print jobs they want to print while in complete control of their transaction in a self service environment, also very organized equipment integration with NO CABLES laying around.

Top Functionality:

The PRS BC-9500 is today's most comprehensive and versatile station available for the Public Library Market looking or using a Cost Recovery Solution for library patrons print jobs while having all the necessary components efficiently grouped in one station. “Cash-to-Account” or “Change-Returned” functionalities are part of the PaperCut MF admin configuration options providing Library Administrators the option to decide if patrons receive change for the remaining funds per transaction or if such funds are automatically added to their PaperCut MF Account providing a user self-service environment requiring no additional onsite staff supervision.

The PRS BC-9500 allows users to pay for print jobs and receive change back or it can be set up for users to recharge their PaperCut MF accounts accepting such monies combinations as (5c, 10c, 25c, $1 coins and $1, $5, $10, and $20 bill notes) for future use. Additionally, the collected revenue remains securely locked. Easy access is granted through the front of the Coin Box for quick bill/coin jammed errors allowing for efficient and reliable continuation of service.

The PRS BC-9500 includes:

  • 1 Station Cabinet with MJP 9500s Coin Box attached
  • 1 Bill Acceptor and Coin Mechanism capable of accepting (5c, 10c, 25c, $1 coins and $1, $5, $10, and $20 bill notes optional)
  • 1 cable RS-232 for Station Serial Computer Interface
  • 1 UPS Battery and 2 cooling fans

Common Locations:

  • Media Centers and Public Libraries
  • Student Copy - Print Centers


Model PRS BC-9500
Height: 40 ”
Width: 38”
Depth: 24 ”
Weight: 60 lbs
Network Connectivity:
TCP/IP via Ethernet Port (Station Computer)
LCD Monitor:
Own Commodity (Station Computer)
Key Board:
Own Commodity (Station Computer)
Own Commodity (Station Computer)
Swipe Reader (MAGTEC Reader):
USB Dual-Head 3 Track Black M (ABA) Optional
Bill Acceptor (500 bills):
APEX MDB Interface to Coin Box Board
Station Computer Requirements
(Standard Commodity):
Minimum Specs (Win 2000, XP, RAM:512MB, HD:20GB)
Max. Dimensions (H:8", W:18", D:18")
Bill Box Power
12 v DC, 1.2 A, 10 W
Back-UPS AC Input:
Back-UPS AC Output (Back up):
Back-UPS AC Output (Surge):