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TCP Converter II

The TCPConv is available for institutions looking add the possibility of use authentication card readers on printers that do not directly connect the reader.

TCPConv 2 allows connecting a device with USB- or RS232-interface to an Ethernet network. A typical application is the extension of a network device (e.g. a network printer) by a local peripheral device.

Simply insert TCPConv 2 into the existing LAN connection of your device. In order to do so, TCPConv 2 contains 2 LAN ports, which operate as a network router.

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Top Functionality:

The TCPConv 2 is an Ethernet Router where we can connect RFID readers into the network. This is a cost-effective solution enabling to retrofit entire corporate networks with RFID readers. With the help of two LAN ports and a range of protocols, the compact TCPConv can easily be inserted into the LAN in front of many different endpoint devices such as printers and the like. Two RJ45 10/100BaseT sockets serve as Ethernet connectors. Apart from TCP, the converter communicates using protocols such as IPv4, IPv6 (optional), DHCP, ARP, and PING. It also operates with MDI or MDI-X.

The Elatec TWN3 and TWN4 Multi readers can then be connected via the TCPConv's RS232 and USB interfaces – to authorise print jobs, for instance. This enables to integrate LAN peripheral devices of various kinds smoothly into the RFID infrastructure of office and access control solutions. 

They can be used on PaperCut in the implementation of “Fast Release” feature, also as another method of authentication for users on printers.

Common Locations:

  • College and University Computer Courtyards
  • Media Centers and Public Libraries
  • Student Copy - Print Centers
  • Institutions with ID card for other purposes


TCP Converter II
Height: 3.23”
Width: 2.56”
Depth: 0.98”
Weight:  3.1oz
Ethernet Router:
10/100 Mbit/s
Other features: Auto MDI/MDIX
Material ABS UL94-V0
Power Supply:
External power supply 5V
Suppy current: 1500mA
Type: 2.0 (One OTG and one Host)
Maximum Current: 500mA
Supported Devices: Elatec TWN3 or TWN4 transponder readers/writers
Baudrate: Configurable 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 or 115200 Baud
Databits: 7 or 8 bits
Parity: None, evern or odd parity
Stopbits: 1 or 2
Ethernet: 2xRJ45, 10/100BaseT
USB: 1xUSB-A receptacle, 1 x Mini USB
RS232: 1xDSUB 9pos
Power: For plug 5.5mm/2.1mm
LAN Communication:
Protocols: TCP, IPV4 (IPV6 on request), DHCP, SSH, ARP, PING
Modes of Operation:
      TCP Server: Device is connected by a TCP Client
      TCP Client: Device connects automatically to a specified TCP server. Connection may be triggered by incoming flow of data on either the USB or RS232 port